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We all know size inclusivity is a hot topic in the sewing world right now. We know there are companies that have tried without anyone asking, and there are companies that have heard our plea and are now trying. There are companies that say they are trying, but have yet to show they’re doing the work. And here’s a reminder: fabric companies aren’t exempt from this. There are custom fabric companies making plus size panels so that we can fit an entire bodice front, and companies asking for plus people to promote and be the face of their company! These are great moves… but there are some that still don’t see us.

Well… let’s turn this around. We may know that you don’t actually support our fat bodies, but we can support ourselves. We want to sew with gorgeous woven patterns and work on our finishing techniques, too. We buy MORE fabric than our smaller friends, because it takes more to cover us. So, without further ado, a non-exhaustive list of woven patterns that include sizing beyond a 56″ hip:

A Jennuine Life

Hip Range: 30″-59.5″
LOL Swing Top

Bella Sunshine Designs

Hip Range: 33″-59.75″
Monroe, Tess, Alice

Cashmerette Patterns

Hip Range: 42″-58″/62″
*newer patterns include two extra sizes, bringing hip up to 62″, only some of these include that sizing


Hip Range: 34″-67″
The Hedy Pants, The Anna Button-Up, The Soujourner Dress, The Clairbrone Top, The Julianne Button-Up

Ellie and Mac

Hip Range: 33.5″-63″

Euonia Patterns

Hip Range: 34.625″-61″
The Shafira Skirt

Friday Pattern Company

Hip Range: 34″-57″
Adrianna, Ilford, Avenir, Cambria, Wilder, Hughes,

George + Ginger

Hip Range: 30″-59″
*these are the woven patterns that include the new size range, older patterns go to 48″ hip only
Tether Top, Lollapalooza Top, Bonnaroo Skirt, Marley Dress, Cold Snap Coat

Love Notions

Hip Range: 35.5″-59.5″
*newly expanded size range, working through updating older patterns
Octave Coat

Mood Free Patterns

Hip Range: 34.5″-63″
Mood has more patterns than I could take the time to list – most of them are woven and all of them are free. Below are a few pictures, but check the link here for everything: Mood Sewciety

Muna and Broad

Hip Range: 46.5″-71.5″
Glebe, Torrens

Patterns for Pirates

Hip Range: 33″-58″
*no new woven patterns have released since, but the size range recently increased to 64″

Sew Altered Style

Hip Range: 35″-59″
Misty Top, Melinda Midi Skirt

Petite Stitchery

Hip Range: 34.5″-61.25″

Rad Patterns

Hip Range: 33″-80″
*older patterns go up to 65″

Rebecca Page

Hip Range: 33″-57″

True Bias

Hip Range: “43.5”-59.5″
They also have older patterns that have a lower size range, they are updating periodically.
Lodo Dress, Roscoe Blouse
*the Lodo Dress uses knit for the main but woven facings

Do you want to practice your woven skills?

We’re planning a new Fitting Room post and deciding which pattern (or patterns) on this list we want to make. Which would you pick?

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