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The Fitting Room: P.S. I Love You Sweater

Our next installment of the Fitting Room Series is a lovely top by Petite Stitchery & Co, the P.S. I Love You Sweater. This series focuses on how the same pattern fits and looks on different curvy bodies. Some of us have similar shapes but very different sizes and others have similar sizes that look very, very different. If you missed our other Fitting Room post, check out our reviews of the York Pinafore by Helen’s Closet.

Earlier this winter we asked in our facebook group, House of Curves Hangout what you want more of. Among the many answers two requests were continually repeated: Fitting Room Posts and Group Sew-Alongs. We are listening! So we teamed up with Petite Stitchery & Co. to bring this Fitting Room series and our first ever SAL! We chose the P.S. I Love You Sweater because of its inclusive size chart, multiple trendy options and overall cozy charm.
The SAL will begin on Monday, January 27th, more information will be available soon in the group.
The month of January you can buy the P.S. I Love You Sweater for 20% off using code: HOCPSILY

But what about fabric?!? Surge Fabric Shop jumped in as a fabric sponsor for the SAL. During the month of January Surge is offering HOC a 15% discount on select fabrics with code: HOCpsILY
The qualifying fabrics: Sweater knit, Waffle knit, Ribbed knit, Double Brushed Poly, and Velvet. Surge has tons of great options and is fully stocked! GO check them out!

Designer: Petite Stitchery & Co.
Pattern Name: P.S. I Love You Sweater
Garment Type: Top/Tunic/Dress
Fabric Type: Stretch knits with 30% stretch; Light to medium weight

Size Range: XS-4X (34.5-61.25″ hip)
Skill Level: Beginner
Price: $8.50
Format Options: Letter, A0

  • Size You Made: I graded between XXL (bust) & 1X (waist & hips).
  • Measurements: Bust: 43″, Waist: 39-40″, Full Hip: 50″, Height 5’5″
  • Body Shape: Pear
  • Adjustments: Other than grading in between sizes, I did not make any other adjustments. Sometimes I add sleeve length for my longish arms, but I did not on this sweater and I’m glad! The bishop sleeve is plenty blousy. For my measured size I needed 2 yards for the dress and 5/8 of a yard for the sleeves. I only had two yards, so I cut the sleeves opposite to the grain. Since my sweater knit does not have a design or stripes, it worked. I then used a separate coordinating fabric for the cuffs and bands.
  • Fabric Used: I used Heathered Gray Brushed Sweater Knit for the body and Heathered Gray 3×3 Brushed Rib Sweater Knit for the cuffs and bands. Both sweater knits are from Surge Fabric Shop. The pattern calls for fabrics with 30% stretch but both of my fabrics have at least 75% horizontal stretch and they worked beautifully. Other fabric content is found in the listing.
  • Type(s) of Machine(s) Used: I used my serger for garment construction, my sewing machine for topstitching and my iron to steam press all the hems.
  • Thoughts on fit? I’m in love with my dress. I paired it with black opaque tight and booties. All I’m missing is a choker necklace…are those still in style? Ha! Who cares, I feel like the outfit needs it! The bishop sleeves are very full and seemed to be a little long. I contemplated cutting it apart at the dolman seam to shorten the bishop sleeve, but I decided to leave it. I’m going to live with it for awhile. I really wanted my coordinating rib knit to be noticeable on the cuffs but I feel like they are hidden by the fullness of the bishop sleeve. The overlapping V-neck is simply divine. I have been WAITING for this type of neckline and was pumped when it was offered in this pattern.
  • Would you make it again? Definitely! It’s a perfect sweater dress to wear to work…I’m always looking for comfy and cute work clothes.
  • Other thoughts? The most difficult part of the pattern is the gathering of the sleeves. I always love how gathers look, but hate doing them. I want a tried and true, easy, quick and reliable method to do ALL.THE.GATHERS. Typically, when I gather, I like to use the elastic method, but I didn’t want elastic on my sleeve cuffs. So I opted to do the traditional method of two long basting stitches and gathered by pulling the bobbin thread. It took longer but my gathers turned out fairly even.
  • Size You Made: 1X at shoulders graded to 3X hips
  • Measurements: Bust: 51″, Waist: 45″, Hips: 58″, Height: 5’1″
  • Body Shape: Full Hourglass
  • Adjustments: Added 3″ length for preferred tunic length
  • Fabric Used: Brushed Sweater Knit from Surge, this colorway is sold out but there’s a red heart version perfect for Valentine’s Day!
  • Type(s) of Machine(s) Used: Brother 1634d serger and Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine
  • Thoughts on fit? I like it, the fit through the body is nice – it doesn’t feel too loose but it’s not a fitted shirt either. I’m glad I added the length or it would have been too short for my liking, but the sleeves could be just a touch shorter to show the gathering off better.
  • Would you make it again? I think so, I’m thinking of making a split hem version from some grey viscose in my stash.
  • Other thoughts? I would do a narrow shoulder adjustment on the next one (which is pretty typical for me anyway) because the neckline sits too wide on me.
  • Size You Made: I made the 2X with no grading.
  • Body Shape: Hourglass/Pear
  • Adjustments: None
  • Fabric Used: The blue is a hacci sweater knit is from Boho Fabrics and the black is velvet from So Sew English Fabrics.
  • Type(s) of Machine(s) Used: Serger
  • Thoughts on fit? I love this so much. I love the dramatic sleeves and the thicker v-neck. It’s such a flattering silhouette.
  • Would you make it again? Absolutely!
  • Other thoughts?  I wish I would have done a full booty adjustment or graded out for the dress.
  • Size You Made: I made a Dress Length, Split Hem 3X graded to a 4X at the hips. I should have graded to a 2X at the waist, however opted not to, but may go back and grade in as it feels a little too big at the waist.
  • Measurements: Bust: 52″ Waist: 42″ Hips: 58″ Height: 5’11”
  • Body Shape: Hourglass
  • Adjustments: I typically grade between sizes for waist and hips. I also added 2″ for my height right above my waist to accommodate for my long torso.
  • Fabric Used: I used a fantastic Buffalo Waffle Knit from Mily Mae Fabrics. A waffle knit is a fantastic choice for the P.S. I Love You because the drape is fantastic and yet it has just enough structure to look great in the Bishop Sleeve.
  • Type(s) of Machine(s) Used: My Babylock Serger, and 475QE Bernina Sewing Machine
  • Thoughts on fit? I like the fit of my dress. I wasn’t sure I wanted the fuller Bishop Sleeve but decided to give them a try with the Split Hem, Dress Length. With the Dress Length, I’m really loving the bigger sleeve. It’s comfortable and I feel cute and comfortable while I look stylish at the same time.
  • Would you make it again? I would, but I wouldn’t follow the directions.
  • Other thoughts? I was less than thrilled with the directions, they left a lot to be desired. The sweater itself is easy to sew and would a great make for beginners, the directions though don’t seem to be aimed toward beginners.
  • Size You Made: I made an XL; Tunic Length, Slim Sleeve
  • Measurements: Bust: 40″ Waist: 35″ Hips: 42″ Height: 5’5″
  • Body Shape: Straight
  • Adjustments: I didn’t make any adjustments because I like longer tunic length tops. And, because I’m used to wearing longer tops. My mom may be a giant…ahem, I mean really tall (just a note, my mom is Chaney), but I’m pretty short. I *should* have taken out an inch for height as the pattern is drafted for 5’7″.
  • Fabric Used: I used a Brushed Waffle Knit from Mily Mae Fabrics. I LOVE it! The fabric is PERFECT for the P.S. I Love You!
  • Type(s) of Machine(s) Used: I used a BabyLock Serger and a Bernina Simply Red 215 Sewing Machine.
  • Thoughts on fit? I think it’s a nice fit. I love the loose fit throughout the body. The Bishop Sleeve is a little different. I’m not sold on it being my style. Overall though, the fit is good.
  • Would you make it again? Yes, I would make it again.
  • Other thoughts? The pattern directions would have been hard to follow if I hadn’t been experienced in sewing my own clothing.
  • Size You Made:  4x
  • Measurements: Bust 56″, Waist 51″, Hips 62″, Height 5’3″
  • Body Shape: Apple(ish)
  • Adjustments: None this time around, although in the future I will shorten the sleeves as I thought they were a little long on me.
  • Fabric Used: I used a lighter sweater knit I got a while back from Pretty Posh Prints.
  • Type(s) of Machine(s) Used: I sewed this up completely on my serger. I skipped topstitching the neckline, but the fabric laid nicely and didn’t really need it.
  • Thoughts on fit? As a whole, I love the fit and look of the shirt as drafted. My hip size is just slightly outside of the size range, so it fit a little more snugly around my hips than I would ideally like. Easily remedied however, I can grade the hips out and get the fit I want pretty easily. As I mentioned above, the sleeves were also a little long on my short arms, so I would also take a little bit of length out on the sleeve piece next time. Overall I’m very pleased with the look of this shirt.
  • Would you make it again? Yes!! I’m planning on making a dress length very soon.
  • Other thoughts? I made the tunic length, and I thought it hit at a great spot. The shirt really came out exactly as I had envisioned, and I couldn’t be happier.


Petite Stitchery P.S. I Love You Sweater for 20% off using code: HOCPSILY

Surge 15% discount on select fabrics with code: HOCpsILY

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  1. DeAnna says:

    Great sews ladies!!! Your truthful reviews of the pattern are greatly appreciated ! Hoping to join the SAL!

    1. Darcy says:

      Hope to see your PS I Love you VERY SOON! It’s perfect to wear with leggings or jeans!

  2. Melissa Terhune says:

    Beautiful job, all of you!
    I love seeing the different fabric choices and styling.
    I will purchase the pattern and join the SAL because of your reviews.
    I will also know to shorten the sleeves a bit because I have a short arm length.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to sew, review and photograph your makes.
    All of you are beautiful!

    1. Darcy says:

      Thanks so much for reading! Can’t wait to see everyone’s sweaters during the SAL!

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