Pattern Testing is a huge deal in the Indie Sewing Community, and especially for Plus/Curvy sewists. Many of our favorite designers rely on testers to make sure their pattern draft fits correctly, they’re small companies and don’t have the resources of the “Big 4” paper companies.

Take a look at the series that sparked the start of House of Curves, Pattern Testing 101. It’s full of all kinds of tips and tricks from testers and designers and gives a rundown of how most tests work and what certain terms mean. Then, follow along the blog tour that followed: Personal Stories introduces you to each of our original bloggers and how they got their start.

Now, we’ve taken it a step further to create a resource for testers and designers! Below is a form you (as a plus/curvy tester) can fill out. It will ask you for contact information, give a place to show off your work portfolio, enter your measurements and skill level. When designers are having trouble finding testers to fill their larger sizes we will have this resource to provide them with a pool of testers willing and able to help out! If at any time you want to be removed from the list just email us at