We have some wonderful bloggers!

Each of them work hard to make this site a reality. Without them, House of Curves wouldn’t exist. They are each vital to the family and bring their own perspective to each and every post. Read more about each of them below and follow along on their social media, too!

Nikki (she/her) is a Stay at Home Mom to 2 kids and the founder of House of Curves. She is a Brand Influencer for The Fab Clique Fabric Shoppe and tests for indie pattern designers such as Patterns for Pirates, Made for Mermaids, Rad Patterns, Ellie and Mac, Tuesday Stitches and more.
Nikki blogs at SeamsLikeStyle – a play on words for someone who struggles with feeling like they’re not stylish! She’s been sewing on and off since her early teen years (self taught, pre-YouTube!) when she used to frequent thrift shops to cut apart clothes, drape them on herself and hand sew new pieces. She started sewing “seriously” in 2013 and hasn’t stopped since finding PDF patterns and fabric shops. Currently, she sports a mostly handmade wardrobe full of lots of blacks and greys with some splashes of mint, purple and some other “royal” colors. She says she’s a solids girl at heart, but tries to push herself to use prints more often. It’s more likely that in real life you’d find her in all black with pastel purple hair than in those pretty florals that saturate the market.
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Amanda (she/her) is a wife and stay at home mom to two sweet boys. She actively test for several Indie PDF designers and is a Strike Off Sewist for The Fab Clique Fabric Shoppe and Libelle Sewing.
She learned how to sew around the age of 8 or 9 by making a blanket, but didn’t seriously start sewing until the age of 26 when she got pregnant with her first son. That year, her parents gifted her a sewing machine and eventually a serger, and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s a huge fan of PDF patterns and exclusively uses them. In fact, she has yet to make a single paper pattern. You can find her wearing almost exclusively handmade down to her bra and undies. Lingerie and swimwear have quickly became her favorite things to make since learning how to make them in 2017. Sewing has been such a therapeutic practice through a long bout of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety for Amanda. The power of making her own clothes and community in the online sewing world these past four years have given her a significant boost in confidence and she enjoys helping others find theirs through sewing.
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Amanda no longer blogs on her own, but will be an active contributor here on House of Curves. You can still find her on Instagram at @cut.sew.make.

Aaronica (she/her) is an entrepreneur, mom of 3 and happily married to the love of her life. She is the mom behind the award-winning site TheCrunchyMommy.com where she shares practically green living tips and parenting tricks. Aaronica is also a small business and blog coach as well as digital marketing professional through AC Media. You can find her sewing her wardrobe over at TheNeedleAndTheBelle.com.
Aaronica has been sewing for more than half of her life beginning at age 13 when she was gifted a sewing machine by her mom. After making a lame drawstring bag, she decided sewing wasn’t for her. But then adulthood hit and creativity got sparked and she tried her chances teaching herself what she refused to learn as a kid. She tried and failed. Then when Aaronica was pregnant with her second child, she decided that she would upcycle clothes into maternity wear and she fell back in love with sewing. Since then, she hasn’t put the needle down.
Now you can find her testing for pattern companies like Patterns for PiratesMade for MermaidsPetite Stitcheryhalfmoon AtelierAthina Kakou and more. When Aaronica isn’t mixing and matching different patterns or hacking patterns, you can find her browsing for new fabrics on SoSewEnglish.com.
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Chaney (she/her) is the mom of four kids and four dogs, and if you consider that normal…well that’s where any sort of normality in her life ends. She lives in a perpetual Disney movie with a Choir teacher for a husband and kids who sing all the time surrounding her. So she finally embraced the singing and firmly planted herself on the Disney side and believes everyone should have more than a splash of glitter on and wear color (loads of it) all the time.
She first learned to sew back in middle school when she was in 4H and in a sewing class at school.  Her 4H project was a pair of pajama shorts and she somehow sewed the legs on wrong.  They went opposite directions, one up and one down. Thankfully, her mom rescued her and helped her fix them so she could show her shorts at the fair.
It has taken her a long time to figure out “what she wants to do when she grows up”, and as it turns out sewing is kind of her thing.  She not only sews for numerous Indie PDF Pattern Designers, Brand Reps for Pickle Toe Patterns, is a Brand Ambassador for Rebecca Page Patterns, is a Fabric Promotor for Mily Mae Fabric and DiCarpo Designs Fabric.  She also teaches sewing for a local school and works for Rebecca Page Patterns as a Pattern Editor.
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Darcy (she/her) is a mom of two, high school history teacher and sewist in a small town in ND. She blogs her custom sewing wardrobe at sewbeeloved and occasionally makes for others as well. She tests for several indie pattern designers and is on the promo team for Surge Fabric Shop and New Horizons Designs.
Darcy’s Aunt introduced her to sewing as a child, but unfortunately she didn’t get to sew often when her family moved several hours away. Once a year she would visit her Aunt and they always worked on a project. She always loved the creative process of picking out the fabric, the pattern and seeing it all come together. In 2014 after a miscarriage, Darcy was looking for a creative outlet to heal her heart and picked up sewing again. Her first projects were small and simple but that all changed once she found the online sewing community and indie pdf designers. She started sewing clothing for herself and is now officially ruined for life. Once she got a taste of properly fitting garments, she no longer buys ready to wear clothing!
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Stephanie (she/her) is a Forensic Toxicologist enjoying life in sunny, warm Atlanta.  She tests for 5 Out of 4 Patterns and works for Rebecca Page Sewing, as well as promoting for Sly Fox Fabrics and Threaded Candy Custom Fabrics.
Stephanie blogs at SarcasticSewist where she lets loose and shares bits of sewing, life, frustrating failures, and wonderful successes.  Her Grandma taught her to sew when she was about 6 and she sewed sporadically throughout adolescence.  She started quilting in college, then fell in love with apparel sewing after college.  Now her closet is filled with comfortable, stylish, fun clothes she wears every day.  She leans toward bold, bright colors, and fun prints, but loves adding solid pieces to make every piece stand out and shine.  If you run into her in the real world, say hi and show off your favorite piece, or the pockets you absolutely had to add!
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Leanne (she/her) is a wife and cat mom originally from New Orleans but currently residing in Phoenix. Sewing gives her a lot of self love and confidence, two things she’s struggled with in the past. She is a tester for several indie sewing companies, and promos for a handful of indie fabric companies. Leanne grew up in a crafty family. Her mom was an avid quilter, and one of her aunts was always making clothes for her other aunt, but she never had any interest in learning. In the beginning of 2017, tired of crying in dressing rooms when nothing looked how she wanted it…she turned to her best friend Amanda (yes…Amanda Savoie!) who had been gushing about the world of sewing, and her eyes were opened to the beautiful world of handmade wardrobes. Two years later, sewing is an immense source of joy in Leanne’s life. Her closet has slowly gone from mostly Torrid to 98% handmade clothing. When she finally faces her fear of jeans, bras, and undies she hopes she can completely leave the world of RTW behind. Clothes are now something to be excited about, and after years of searching…Leanne has finally found her ‘style’! She sporadically blogs over at Thready For It, but mostly posts her me mades on her Instagram. Keep up with Leanne on social media: Instagram | ThreadyforIt |Pinterest